Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fuel Consumption of the 240G Variant

 Toyota Harrier Japan CBU Spec (240G)

There has been lots of queries with regards to the fuel consumption of the Toyota Harrier given its bulk. Well, generally, the 2nd generation Toyota Harrier comes in 2 main guises ie 240G (2AZ-FE timing chain engine) and 300G (MCU-30 timing belt engine). Both engines are used extensively in its product run-up eg Camry, Estima, Alphard and Veilfire.


As the government imposed the road tax based on the cubic capacity size in the Malaysian market, the 240G is the preferred model as its annual road tax is RM780, compared to the 300G which attracts RM2,130.

Moreover, the general maintenance of the 240G is easier on the pockets compared to 300G's V6 engine. The latter has more torque definitely, but it is also very much of a fuel guzzler if you intend to use it as a city runabout. The 240G, being commonly used in the Camry 2.4 model (from previous XV30 to current XV40), is very much a sipper compared to its more powerful variant.

240G : 158 hp, 221 Nm
300G : 216 hp, 304 Nm

Harrier : 2,235 kg dry weight
Camry : 1,430 kg dry weight

On the Camry, the 2AZ-FE moves the sedan briskly; while on the Harrier, the same 2AZ-FE has to work harder due to the extra 800kg bulk.

Now for the million dollar question : How is the fuel consumption of the Toyota Harrier 240G?

Well, not too bad at all! The official Toyota Japan website gives the fuel consumption as 11.0 litre per km, in the ideal driving environment of course. Try doing that in the real world and you'd be left wondering why is your Harrier sipping more fuel than the official nos.


Factor in the traffic jam, occassional running engine while idle, sittig inside listening to your fave track, etc, my fuel consumption was between 8.9 - 10.9 litre per km, the latter with more highway driving. Based on the few refuelings that I have had recently, the fuel consumption was as per the following :

1st refill : 21 sen per km
2nd refill : 21 sen per km
3rd refill : 19 sen per km
4th refill : 22 sen per km

As such, the average fuel consumption was in the region of 21 sen per km. Not a bad figure at all, IMHO!


Even the smaller Honda Civic's fuel consumption was in the region of 17 - 18 sen per km, so I think that the Toyota Harrier's fuel consumption is acceptable. Just don't stick in the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight for the comparison.


  1. Harrier 300G Owner11 December 2011 at 13:06

    I bought the Harrier 300G previously because it costed the same as the Harrier 240G yet had a premium in-car DVD system. But yeah, you're right- the fuel consumption around town is much higher at about 33 - 35 sen per kilometre. The V6 engine is more suitable for highway-crusing generally. But I love the looks of our second generation Toyota Harrier!

  2. I have the first generation Lexus RX300 with 3,000 cc V6 4WD engine (code name : MCU30). We later bought the second generation Toyota Harrier 240G Premium-L with 2,400 cc (code name : 2AZFE) when it was launched in 2004.

    Both SUVs are very reliable and comfortable, although the second generation feels more luxurious and has better NVH than the first generation. In terms of traffic light movement, the RX300 has more oomph but in city driving, the 240G triumphs by being easier to drive and has very good FC.

  3. I own both the Beemer X5 3.0 and Toyota Harrier 240G. In terms of quietness, the X5 is better. In terms of reliability and maintenance, the 240G is definitely better. I just have to stick to the oil change every 10k mileage, and the 240G will just go on and on and on...

  4. Readng your review, I am SOOOO trading in my Toyota Caldina GT4 for the Toyota Harrier 240G. The Caldina's FC is so bad compared to your FC figures!

  5. Any further progress on your FC reports? My husband wants to buy a Harrier 240G and I like to know more. Heard of your site from a FB friend. We are driving a Honda Accord 2.4 and Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS. Do you think the FC would be comparable?

  6. I have a 2004 Toyota Harrier 240G, and its absolutely magnificent. The fuel consumption is great considering its size and weight (managed 11.2km/L). It has a luxurious feel, and its performance isn't bad either 0-100km/h in just 10sec. I previously had the 1st generation V6 Harrier. It was extremely fast and powerful, but at the same time it was thirsty as well (managed 7.5km/L). I would advise anyone to go for the 240G Harrier. Its impressive, and will never let you down.

  7. I Have a 2005 Toyota Harrier, the feel is exquisite and the fuel consumption is just good! Compared to my other car - BMW X5- it definitely feels like am driving on SOLAR but any way it has a great drive and FC

  8. M.D

    I just bought the 2001 Toyota Harrier 2400, V6 VVT-I engine. I'd like to know how big is the tank (how many litres its since the manual is in Japanese)

    My second question, when the low petrol light comes on how many litres are left if the tank.

    Thank you in adance.

  9. I think the tank is about 67 litres

  10. HI, I just brought 2003 model harrier 2.40g , my car fuel consumption very hight,only can managed 7km/L,Any sifu here can help me to reduce my fuel consumption,tq...

  11. Question what transmission does the Toyota Harrier 2003 carry a U151E or U140E? because i am getting conflicting responses from dealerships and parts companies, since the harrier is the equivalent to the RX300 which carries a U140.

  12. Hope more input from Harrier 240G owners. My wife is soo in love with the SUV. Planning to get one soon.

  13. please correct ur units its km per litre not litres üer km.....was shocked at first only to understand its a typing error

  14. hye. im confusing to get new HRV or used 240g.any advise.side of financial,240g is half price of new Honda HRV.

  15. Im getting 2009 240g harrier,im very satiesfied for fuel comsumption.

  16. Im getting 2009 240g harrier,im very satiesfied for fuel comsumption.

  17. Good info.
    I'm buying 240g (2003)

  18. It's good information to have . However , i like cruising and bush roads work. Is it suitable ?

  19. im expecting to buy Harrier 2.4,i like tha shape